Born from the agency world and then let loose into the wild


About us

Saturday Republic is so much more than just a site shop—it's a vibe. 

It’s the feeling you get when you’re living life to the fullest and maxing out what you can squeeze out of any given day. For the 9-5’ers out there, it’s the elusive feeling of promise that you feel on a Saturday morning when the whole weekend is in front of you and anything is possible. And for the lifestyle-based businesses that we create websites for, it’s the appreciation of the fact that those kind of Saturday vibes get to last all week long. 

It’s this kind of stoke that we infuse into every part of what we do, from our design style to the way we run our business. We’ve made it our mission to help outdoor, active and lifestyle brands thrive, so we’re stoked to meet you and eager to learn more about how we can help you reach your goals. 

Our story

Agency expertise without the agency B.S.

We met in the agency world in Seattle, working for outdoor active brands, and then fled city life for Jackson and Maui. Inspired by the entrepreneurial creativity in these adventure-based locales, we set up shop and have made it our business to help your business thrive online.

Together we have over 20 years of experience in brand strategy, design, UX, web development, e-commerce, and marketing, all of which we’ve distilled down into the most robust, purpose-built e-commerce sites out there. We build effortless Saturday vibes into hard-working websites that convert.

Everything we do is specifically with lifestyle-based businesses in mind, so whether you sell swimwear, design camping gear, develop skincare products, shoot surf & ski photography, or the like, you know you’re getting a highly specialized product created with your exact needs in mind. And since we’re conversion specialists, you know it’s designed to help you sell.

Our experience

Our roots are in the outdoors

We’ve been lucky to work with some amazing outdoor lifestyle brands both recently as Saturday Republic, and in our past lives individually. We bring a combined 20 years experience to the table and it’s that deep industry knowledge and understanding of its customers that we bake into every template, site, and resource that we offer.

The team

Monica Gussow

Creative Director

Monica cut her teeth in the magazine publishing industry in both Sydney and New York, before moving west to Seattle and embracing digital design. This mix of editorial and web provides a unique approach to web design that is well suited to brands with rich stories to tell. Always chasing adventure, she moved to Maui in 2019 where she took up kiteboarding and the idea for Saturday Republic was born.

She's excited to bring her web design expertise to Maui and its neighbor islands, and looks forward to working with the insipring brands that call this place home!

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Alexis Oltman

Technical Director

Alexis got started in the digital space 15 years ago as a web developer for K2 Sports. After a few years spent bringing those brands' online presence to life through code, she moved into a web management role on the agency side. From that point on she has focused on helping clients define technical solutions to their business needs, and guiding teams through the course of their website builds.

In 2016 Alexis decided to venture off on her own, going freelance, moving to Jackson, WY, and creating the perfect mix of skiing, hiking and launching websites!

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